About Us

Devi Partners is a certified women-owned small consulting firm.  Our network of consultants are smart, savvy, and experienced.  And, most importantly, they are driven to help change makers create positive impact.

Mission, Vision, Values Ven: Good people + good work = great results1. We are passionate.  

This isn’t just a job for us.  The work is important to us. We have spent our lives working to make the world more equitable and safer. Over the years, we have gained a lot of experience.  And we want to share what we’ve learned with other organizations doing amazing work.  Because together we can have even more impact and do even more good.

2. We know what it takes to create change.  

Change isn’t easy. Especially when we want to impact complex social issues. In order to bring about change, we combine our social science background with our practical experience.  It’s a winning mix that gives us the insight to understand root causes and the tools to spark meaningful change.

3. We are innovative.  

Most social issues are not new. But getting people and systems to change requires new ways of thinking. We take what we know works, and think creatively about it, building, stretching, and reimagining so we can do even more and even better. Visit our knowledge center for the latest on what we’re learning and doing.

4. We believe in partnerships. 

We don’t court clients. Instead, we partner with organizations that share our passion for creating positive change. Our priority is investing the time to develop strong relationships.  And we do this by  building on trust, transparency, and respect. We listen and work together to craft solutions that build on strengths and deliver results. Hear why organizations like working with us.

5. We get the job done.

We believe in an approach that is collaborative and people-centered. But we also believe that we have to focus on action and outcome because the work we do matters so much. Our strength is finding the right balance between process and results, evidence and innovation, creative and practical.

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Amy Callis, MPH Aparna Ramakrishnan, MA, MSW
Headshot of Amy CallisAmy has 30 years’ senior strategic and communication experience.  She’s worked in dozens of countries on issues ranging from outbreaks to gender violence.  Amy specializes in innovative yet practical strategic and communication planning.

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Amy is a force of nature—whip smart, determined, passionate, strategic, and incredibly hardworking.

Her ability to strategically think through challenges, and her penchant for solution generation is broadly recognized and sought after.

Head shot of Aparna RamakrishnanAparna has 20 years’ experience managing programs at the global, national, and local levels. She has expertise in social and behavior change, strategic communication, and community-based research.

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Aparna is seasoned professional who brings an interdisciplinary perspective and practical field experience. 

She is very smart and thoughtful, creative, and know how to work with – and not despite – community input.

Devi Partners has a global consulting network

Devi Partners has a growing network of consultants and strategic partners across the globe that have both deep sector experience and diverse skills expertise.  We leverage these partnerships to build tailored teams that drive change and deliver impact.

Sector Experience Skills Expertise
  • Gender Empowerment
  • Global Health
  • Health Systems Strengthening
  • Infectious Disease Outbreaks
  • Maternal & Child Health
  • Public Health
  • Vaccines/Vaccine Preventable Disease
  • Violence Prevention
  • Communication
  • Design (Print, Web, Video)
  • Monitoring & Evaluation
  • Project Planning / Operational Planning
  • Research
  • Strategy
  • Team Building / Facilitation
  • Training / Capacity Development

Certified Women Owned Business

Certified Small Women Owned Business

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