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Why choose us?  Because we have a unique set of capabilities, expertise in strategic integration across efforts, and a great reputation with folks we’ve worked with!

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Devi’s Public Health Experience

Devi’s Non-Profit Management Experience

Devi’s Emergency Preparedness & Response Experience

Devi’s Violence Prevention Experience

Devi Resource - Coalition Case Example

Strengthening Coalitions

Devi Resource - Preventing IPV Case Example

Preventing IPV

Devi Resource - Creating a Framework Case Example

Creating a Framework

Devi Resource - Creating Awareness Case Example

Creating Awareness

Devi Resource - Behavior Change Case Example

Behavior Change

Devi Resource - Developing a Campaign Case Example

Developing a Campaign

Devi Resource - Communication Preparedness Case Example

Communication Preparedness

Devi Resource - Programming Alignment Case Example

Programming Alignment

Devi Resource - Informed Decision-Making Case Example

Informed Decision-Making