• A good strategy is like a pocket knife. Keep your tools sharp. Devi can help
  • Evidence-based Innovation: It's how Devi makes ideas impactful

We understand the pressures you face and have a genuine desire to see you succeed. When it comes to social impact, we’ve sat in all the seats at the table.  Because of our experience, we know what works and how to get things done.  Our services are targeted for impact and tailored for your organization’s success. 

Devi equips leaders to plan for change rather than react to it through:

  • strong strategic planning
  • efficient project development
  • robust organizational evaluation
  • effective communications
  • practical research and evaluation

We do this by building on strengths and opportunities to better position your organization and amplify your social impact.

We has decades experience responding to the needs of different types of organizations across sectors and around the world. As a result, we know how to tailor our services to meet the needs of our partners. And we have a track-record of delivering value-driven results.

Devi partners with:

  • nonprofits and NGOs
  • foundations and universities
  • governments and multilateral organizations
  • coalitions and associations

See our Experience page for a sampling of different organizations we’ve worked with.

Our services

Devi is a full-service consulting firm that works with partners on all aspects of planning, implementation, and evaluation.  Our efforts are focused on value-driven results that improve an organization’s ability to further their mission.