Approach HoneycombOur approach is simple:  We have a set of rules and live by them.  We have simple but powerful guiding principles and work by them.  We’ve put a lot of thought into these because we want to work with our partners the way we’d like others to work with us.  This is how we approach every partnership and every project.

Rules we live by

  • Treat everyone with respect, honesty, and fairness.
  • Work collaboratively for the greater good.
  • Share knowledge because a rising tide floats all boats.
  • Embrace imagination and be passionate about making a difference.

Principals we work by

We believe different people and different ideas need a seat at the table in order to drive sustainable, positive change. So our work is people centered and interdisciplinary.

Devi People Centered Ven

A rights-based and participatory approach is the right way to work.  But it’s also the best way to work.

Ensuring everyone has a voice makes efforts more collaborative, creative, and sustainable. No one understands the needs and nuances of a community better than its members.  Regardless of the community we’re working with, whether an organization or the people they serve, we work with them, not just for them. 

Devi Partners connects ideas and experience to make a difference.Social issues never have one cause and the best solutions don’t try to address them one way.  We approach our work through multiple disciplines – from anthropology to economics, public health to business.

By looking at issues from many perspectives, we’re able to build evidence-based yet innovative solutions that make a difference.